Can I extend my re-entry permit overseas?


A foreign national residing in Japan who wish to flight out from Japan and return back within the period of stay granted under his/ her current Status of Residence has to hold a valid re-entry permit.  In case if this re-entry permit expires, his/ her current Status of Residence will lapse.


Special re-entry system allows foreign nationals who are staying in Japan with the status of residence and possess a valid passport to re-enter Japan without applying for re-entry permit at the Immigration Bureau.  However, the re-entry permit using this system is valid for one year from the date of departure (or until the expiry date of the current Status of Residence) and cannot be extended overseas while the period of validity for re-entry permit obtained under the regular re-entry system is determined within the current permitted period of stay for up to five years (six years for special permanent residents) and could be extended just once at the Japan Embassy or Consulate overseas under specific circumstances.



To apply for the regular re-entry permit (single or multiple), please visit your nearest Immigration Bureau with application form (can be downloaded from the Immigration website), valid passport and resident card before your departure.


☆ Application form for Re-entry Permit

☆ Certificate for Payment of Fee



 Conditions for extension



  • The extension is possible only once and the extended period cannot be longer than the maximum validity period of 7 years for Special Permanent Residents, 6 years for other Status of Residence holder.
  • The extension must be requested before the current expiry date of the re-entry permit.  It cannot be extended if the re-entry permit is already expired. 
  • It is not possible to extend beyond the current period of stay.


Necessary documents to bring for extension




  1. Valid passport: in case if your passport with the re-entry permit has expired, please bring the new one together with the one with the re-entry seal on it.
  2. Application form
  3. Document explaining the reason for extension
  4. Copy of your valid Residence Card or Special Permanent Resident Certification Card

Please ask for details at Japan Embassy or Consulate where you will apply for extension.