Special measures for Temporary Visitors


1. For those who are staying in Japan under the status "Temporary Visitors" and are not able to go back to their home country by the current visa expiry date due to flight cancellation or lockdown in the destination country might apply for an extension up to 90 days maximum.  If you fall into this case, please keep with you:

  • documents proving that it is difficult for you to flight back to your country or to return back to your resident address: flight cancellation letter/ email, for example
  • documents showing how you will support yourself during the extended period of stay in Japan: bank statement, for example

2. To prevent further spreading of COVID-19, the Immigration Bureau is requesting to refrain from nonessential and non-urgent visit to the Immigration as they are taking special measures for foreign residents including Temporary Visitor visa holders to reduce congestion at the immigration counters.  This includes extension of the due date of their Application for Extension of Period of Stay for three months from the current expiry date arriving in April, May and June. 


However, please note that these measures are not automatic, applicants have to go to the Immigration in some point during this three months and submit their application form together with supporting documents.