What is FRESC?



The Foreign Residents Support Center (FRESC) is a consultation center that supports foreign nationals who live and work in Japan. It is located in the Co・mo・re Yotsuya Building near JR Yotsuya Station in Shinjuku. FRESC provides advice for foreign nationals, supports companies that wish to employ foreign nationals, and supports local governments that provide assistance to foreign nationals.


FRESC works together with residential organizations to improve the environment for accepting foreign nationals through various support initiatives related to foreign residents in Japan.






What you can do at FRESC


FRESC is operated by the Immigration Service Agancy in cooperation with 4 ministries and 8 related organization gathered in one place in the aim to offer one stop and seamless consultation and support to foreign residents in Japan.


Therefore, when you face any legal, labour or human right abuse trouble that might also affect your visa/ status of residence, officers from each related section will assist you as your personal support team in one place.



How to contact FRESC


Please call 0570-011000 or (+81)3-5363-3013 for international call

  • For inquiry regarding visa application procedures, necessary documents or if you would like to know in what kind of work you might engage in, please press [1] or ask for  Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau.
  • For inquiery regarding working contract, conditions of work and other labour issues, please press [2] or ask for Tokyo Labor Bureau Consultation and Support Office for Foreign Workers.
  • For inquiery regarding job searching, please press [3] or ask for Tokyo Employment Service Center for Foreigners.
  • For inquiery regarding harassment at school, work place or within the local community, please press [4] or ask for Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Human Rights Department.
  • For inquiry related to short term temporary visa, please  press [5] or ask for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Visa Information.
  • For inquiry related to divorce, domestic violence, car accident or other legal problems, please press [6] or ask for Japan Legal Support Center (Houterasu).
  • To request your entry/exit (return) records and information listed on alien registration cards, please call 03-5363-3005  (Immigration Services Agency, Information Disclosure Office).



Leaflets about FRESC

 ☆Japanese, easy Japanese, Chinese and Vietnamese version are available from FRESC top page 



 ☆Other language version including Chinese, Vietnamese, Nepalese, Myanmar and Mongolian is available from FRESC top page 


  1. FRESC Help Desk is a consultation service over the phone for foreign nationals/residents whose daily life is severely affected from COVID-19. 
  2. Consultation is availabe in 14 languages.


    ☆The Japanese version and the Vietnamese, Tagalog and Portuguese version is available from Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau top page  


  1. The Tokyo Regional Immigration Services Bureau within FRESC offers individual consultations upon reservation to foreign nationals residing in Japan, as well as to Japanese companies seeking to employ foreign nationals. 
  2. Consultation is available in 14 languages so please specify the language support you wish when you make your reservation.
  3. The reservation itself over the phone is available in Japanese, English and Chinese: 03-5363-3025
  4. The reservation form is also available in Japanese and English.
  5. The consultation will be held at Yotsuya FRESC office or online: please specify at the time of reservation. 



Other contacts for consultation related to visa/ status of residence   


  • Consultation Support Center for Foreign Residents:03-3202-5535/03-5155-4039

Japanese/ Chinese/ English: Monday to Friday

Portuguese/ Spanish: Mondays/Tuesdays/Wednesdays

Indonesian: Tuesdays

Vietnamese: Mondays/ Wednesdays

Filipino: Fridays


except the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month


  • CROSSINGBORDERS Information & Consultation Centre - SOS Japan Visa - 


Online consultation reservation form