COVID-19 related information UPDATED (as of October 1)


【Official announcements from related Ministries】



Ministry of Justice(Immigration Service Agency)

Ministry of Foreigh Affairs


Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare



【Contact numbers】


●Regarding refusal of landing

 MOJ Immigration Service Agency, Immigration Department, Adjudication Division

 TEL:03-3580-4111(ext. 4446/ 4447)


●Regarding the issuance of entry visa

 MOFA visa Information  

 TEL:0570-011000 (pls press "5" after the audio guidance)

           +81-3-5363-3013 is also available for international call. 


●Regarding 14 days Quarantine,  and other prevention measures

 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare,  Telephone consultation center

 TEL:0120-565653 (Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Thai and English available)

              +81-3-3595-2176 is also available for international call (Chinese, Korean and English available).


 Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

 Industrial Safety and Health Department,  Pharmaceutical Safety and Environmental Health Bureau, Policy Planning Division for  Environmental Health and Food Safety, Office of Quarantine Station Administration(食品安全企画課 検疫所業務管理室)

 TEL: 03-5253-1111(ext. 2468) 


●Regarding flight information

 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism

 Civil Aviation Bureau, Director for Crisis Management Office

 TEL: 03-5253-8700