What to know when you lost your resident card during holidays
FAQs · 23/12/2021
What should I do if I lost my Resident Card when the Immigration is closed during holidays?

What is FRESC?
FAQs · 15/07/2021
All about FRESC - what you can do, how to contact and its latest news regarding visa consultation with the Tokyo Immigration Bureasu.

How can I find companies that give me additional bonus point for HSP visa?
FAQs · 26/05/2021
I'm thinking of changing job and try to change my current working visa to Highly Skilled Professional. How can I find companies receiving support as a target organization of the Project to Promote Acceptance of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals in National Strategic Special Zones or other companies receiving support for the promotion of innovation as mentioned on the point calculation table?

FAQs · 15/02/2020
A foreign national residing in Japan who wish to flight out from Japan and return back within the period of stay granted under his/ her current Status of Residence has to hold a valid re-entry permit. In case if this re-entry permit expires, his/ her current Status of Residence will lapse. Special re-entry system allows foreign nationals who are staying in Japan with the status of residence and possess a valid passport to re-enter Japan without applying for re-entry permit at the Immigration...

FAQs · 09/02/2020
The question "Can I come back with my current status of residence?" is a big concern for medium and long-term Status of Residence holders residing in Japan. Here are what you CAN and you CANNOT do with your "Re-entry" so please check it before heading to the airport.